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Shanghai KAMY Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Ltd. (KM) is specialized in coal mining, coal mining, transport complete sets of equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales of large equipment manufacturing enterprises.


Provide technical services for enterprises and users of mining equipment and technical advice, product innovation, product maintenance services, products successfully sold to more than 100 domestic mining countries exported to Mongolia, Morocco, India, the United States and parts of the middle east.

Technical Consultation

The Quality inspection service department for customers in product use, maintenance troubleshooting, and provide timely door-to-door service.

Product Transformation

The technical department is responsible for the technical development and development of the products, and solves the problems found in the process of using the product.

Product Maintenance

Any customer in the use of our products in the process of difficulties encountered, we will do our best in the first time to provide perfect service.

Our Products

Our Products

Our company main products are all kinds of hydraulic brake tooth series, boring machine, loading machine, and other mining machinery and all kinds of machinery parts, in order to meet the demand of coal mine, the existing various types of production and processing equipment more than 100, and also for the major host plant to provide quality and cheap products and provide users with technical services.

Our company's products are exported to all over the world, welcomed the major manufacturers to come to buy.

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About Us

Our company is located at the foot of Sheshan in Songjiang District, Shanghai City, it currently has two subsidiaries, namely, Shanghai keimei Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Ltd. and Jiangsu keimei Heavy Industry Co., ltd.. R & D and sales center is located in Shanghai city of Songjiang District, and with a number of sales offices in the District, there are two large production bases are located in Shanghai City, Songjiang District province and Jiangsu Yancheng City Dafeng Economic Development Zone, the company covers 80000 square meters, production workshop 70000 square meters, 8000 square meters of office, warehouse 1000 square meters.

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